Sofia Casarin

Ruta del Castor

Mexico · Cultural Management

The organization Ruta del Castor is a collaborative platform based in Mexico, working with artists to develop public art projects and socially engaged initiatives that respond to Mexico’s ever-changing climate of systemic and structural, political and social complexity. Examples of their work include CASACUNA, an artist residency program at the Mexico City orphanage Casa Cuna La Paz;  a program of a series of encounters and workshops at Espacio Mujeres, a womens’ shelter dedicated to the prevention, attention and protection of women and children in situations of violence.

The projects and programs of Ruta del Castor are built from the notion that art is a way to recognize ourselves in a multiple voice.

Sofia Casarin s Afield Peer 2021

Ruta del Castor. Courtesy the artists.

Sofia Casarin (Mexico City, 1988) is a curator and art historian from Mexico City and is the co-founder of Ruta del Castor. Her practice stems from a deep commitment to the relationship between arts and politics and the role of artists as social agents.

She is also the co-founder of TAMOA, an enterprise that works towards the advocacy and preservation of Mesoamerican endemic crops. She formerly co-edited and wrote for the Mexican art and literature magazine diSONARE. From 2013 to 2016, she coordinated and implemented the EFG-ArtNexus Latin America Art Award in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Santiago de Chile and São Paulo.

She holds an MA in Arts and Politics from Goldsmiths and a double BA in Art History and International Relations from Florida International University.

Sofia Casarin Garcia Ramos Afield Peer 2021

Sofia and Andrea, founders of Ruta del Castor. Courtesy the artists.