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Khudi Bari

Bangladesh · Architecture

Khudi Bari (tiny house), an art/design/technology/architecture initiative, organises communities in the front-line of the climate catastrophe to self-build affordable, moveable homes.

Since 2018, Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity (FACE) has been researching affordable housing, in the context of internal displacement/migration caused by climate change. Bangladesh is situated in the low-lying, densely populated delta of south Asia’s major river systems. Hundreds of hectares are eroding annually rendering thousands landless and homeless. They ask: ‘How can this be made affordable/appropriate for landless people/sandbar (char) dwellers? This led to the development of Khudi Bari, a modular mobile house designed as the ‘new vernacular’ using local materials while also being affordable.

Marina Tabassum and Teresa Albor (FACE) Afield Peer 2021

Image courtesy Asif Salman.

FACE is a collective that was initiated by the Marina Tabassum Architects studio (MTA) with the belief that the boundaries between architecture, design, technology, art, and community engagement are blurred. They seek to empower people with the skills they need to effect change within their own lives.

Marina Tabassum Architects (MTA) is an architectural firm which prioritises climate, materials, site, culture, and local history.

Marina Tabassum and Teresa Albor (FACE) Afield Peer 2021

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