Camilla Rocha Campos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil · Visual Arts

Artist, curator, teacher and writer. Camilla Rocha Campos is co-director of Institut 0101 Art Platform, which promotes experiences with Afro-diasporic art, and curator of the international research platform EhChO. Member of the Education board at  Parque Lage Visual Art School, in Rio de Janeiro, Camilla also served for two years as Residency Coordinator at MAM Rio (Modern Art Museum). With a wide international presence, she participated in artistic residencies, exhibitions and lectures at the Saastamoinen Foundation (Finland), Lugar a Dudas (Colombia), Tabacalera Estancias and Reina Sofia (Spain), Q21 Museums Quartier (Austria), UKS (Norway), Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan), Arika (Scotland), among others. She is currently developing her PhD artistic research at Goldsmiths University of London.


Camilla’s practice takes on live formats. She works with performance, installations, proposals in collective spaces, workshops, texts and books as art pieces. Her artwork points out and analyzes with humor and criticism the systemic maintenance of the art field approaching mechanisms of language, knowledge, social-economic elements and coloniality. As a black woman body contextualized in the Latin American scene, she has the fateful imbrication of a place transversally marked by the combination of those elements and also by the escape lines of an ancestry that give dissident meanings to her trajectory. She seeks to produce in and through her collective-social-body critical images that review and offer other possibilities of life. Camilla Rocha Campos’ research is based on thinking about invisibilities and complexities that are forged to exist as an ethical-aesthetic voice. She understands that the separability and categorization of certain roles, especially in the field of art connected to the modern dualism between practice and theory, are not allowed for certain subjectivities to be socially performed and that is why she does what she does.

Camilla Rocha Campos Afield Peer 2020

Camilla Rocha Campos.